Delivery method, shipping, payment method

 ● Confirmation of delivery method and delivery status

The delivery of the order you ordered will be delivered by Sagawa Express.

● About point service

* To use pointsMember registrationIs required.

We will give 1P per 1P for the purchase price of 1,000 yen.The accumulated points are 1P = 1 yen discount, and you can use it from the next time you shop.The expiration date is 5 years from the date of the grant.

Product delivery time

We will ship within 3 business days excluding weekends and holidays from the order date.

* If you want to order store stock products and online stock products together, it will take about +1 weeks than normal shipping to ship from the store. note that.

● About delivery fee

1000 yen (tax included) nationwide

● About payment method (domestic)

"Credit card payment""PayPal""Cash on delivery" "bank transfer"Can be used.

● About credit card payment

 The cards that can be used"VISA", "MasterCard", "JCB" "American Express" "Diners ClubIt is.

● About cash on delivery payment

If you are using cash on delivery payment, please pay the price to the delivery company when receiving the product. You can choose from cash, credit card and debit card. * Cash on delivery fee: 650 yen (tax included) will be charged separately.

● About bank transfer

Please transfer the payment amount within 3 business days after the order is confirmed to the following bank account specified by our company. Please be sure to transfer with the name of the purchaser.

Mizuho Bank Ebara Branch (216)3044148 Rearth Co., Ltd.

* After the transfer is completed, the following contents are described by e contact us.
Subject: Bank transfer is completed
Body: "Name" "Order number"

* The transfer fee will be borne by the customer.
* Please note that the product will be shipped after payment is confirmed.
* If you cannot transfer by the due date, we will cancel the order.

About overseas delivery

Due to the expansion of the new colon virus infection, some countries and regions cannot deliver goods. List of countries and regions where international postponements are delayed ( confirm.


 ● About payment method (overseas)

"Credit card payment", "Paypal", "Alipay", "WeChatPay", "UnionPay"Can be used.

● About credit card payment

The cards that can be used"VISA", "MasterCard", "JCB", "American Express", "Diners Club"It is.


● About shipping

Japan Post EMS (International Speed ​​Post)We will deliver it to the designated country.

The expected delivery fee will be displayed at the time of order, but this amount may differ from the amount required for actual delivery. Please note that the delivery fee to be charged will change according to the weight of the luggage delivered.

● Notes

・ Please describe the delivery destination and name in English notation.
・ If the entry method is difficult to understand, please fill in the remarks column.
・ The guideline for delivery has been received for about a week, but some countries and regions may take some time to deliver or may not be delivered.
・ Date and time cannot be specified.
・ Depending on the country and region, import tax, VAT (added value tax), customs fees, etc. may be required separately.
・ In the case of overseas delivery, it is necessary for export customs clearance or for import customs clearance at the destination, so the invoice (documents with customer information, product price, etc.) are enclosed.
・ Customs related to the situation after shipping, unsuits of products, etc. will be responsible for the customer's responsibility.
・ It may not be possible to deliver due to transportation regulations and deliveries and regional regulations. Before shopping, please check the laws and regulations in the country / region of the destination in advance.
・ In the case of overseas shipping, please note that returns and exchanges cannot be accepted.
・ Please note that if there is a refusal to receive due to the fact that we are not responsible for our shop, we will subtract the round -trip shipping fee from the refund amount.