privacy policy

If you are deeply aware that your personal information is important to configure privacy, and when handling personal information in your business, you will respect your personal information and personal information protection rules, as well as the compliance with all the employees.

(Information on handling of personal information)

If you need to provide personal information from you, please present your personal information to the customer and use only those that you have accepted.

(Information on the use of personal information)

We will not use any personal information other than the purpose of use for which you have accepted your consent.

(1) Provision of personal information to a third party

We will not provide your personal information to a third party without the consent of any third party, unless you have received a legal obligation, based on laws and regulations, or in accordance with the law.

(1) Safety measures against personal information

We will take reasonable safety measures in order to protect personal information that you have received from customers, such as loss, destruction, outflow of personal information, and unauthorized access to your personal information.If the purpose of use is to be terminated and personal information is not required to be stored, the customer's personal information may be erased.

For inquiries about personal information

If you receive the following request for your own personal information, we will respect your will and take the necessary measures within the common-sense range.
Confirm Content
-Partial or partial withdrawal of consent for the use of amendment, update, and delete personal information

(Personal Information Protection and Personal Information Protection)

The following activities will be carried out in order to enforce the Basic Policy on the Protection of Personal Information, or to enforce the laws and regulations.
Enlightest activities and in-house training and regular inspection to comply with laws and regulations and other norms related to personal information.
We will also ask our suppliers to cooperate in the protection of personal information, or to keep them confidential.
Basic policy, internal regulations and personal information protection will be improved as appropriate, depending on the changes in the laws and regulations and the social environment.
This basic policy will be published on this website and will be open to the public in a manner that is available to customers at all times.