Christian Dior Honeycomb Handbag

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Material PVC (vinyl chloride) × leather
Color Beige × Brown
Vertical Approximately 17.5 cm
side Approximately 27.5 cm
Machi Approximately 3.5 cm
shoulder Approximately 57 cm
Outer pocket 0
Inner pocket 1
appearance 6.5
Inner appearance 7

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About rank
10New state or unused state
9A new thing that is only a few damage that is only slight damage and only 1 to 2 times use
8.5Ultra-good products that damage such as scratches and dirt can be slightly seen for several times
8Good use of some feeling of use and slight scratches and dirt
7There is no big damage to the feeling of use, scratches, dirt, etc.
6.5Damage such as feeling of use, scratch, dirt is usually visible to use

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